Compare Solar Panel

ALLPOWERS solar generator 200W ALLPOWERS Solar solar generator 300W ALLPOWERS solar generator 700W
rated capacity 200W 300W 700W
Top performance 240W 500W 1400W
battery capacity 154Wh 288Wh 606Wh
height and weight 7.87*6.7*1.96 inch, 3lb 8.1x6.5x4.3inch, 7.5lb 10.4x5.5x7inch, 11.68lb
output AC,USB-A,USB-C,Wireless charging AC,USB-A,USB-C,DC,Auto Outlet,Wireless charging AC,USB-A,USB-C,DC,Auto Outlet
Charge devices at the same time 5 devices 10 devices 9 devices
input AC,USB-C, Solar input AC,USB-C,Car,Solar input AC,USB-C,Car,Solar input
Solar panel 100W for charging 1.5-2.5 hours 5-6 hours 9-10 hours