ALLPOWERS Solar Generator Kit 300W (S300 + SP020 60W Solar Panel with Monocrystalline Cell)

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  • 288Wh 78000mAh capacity;
  • 300W AC pure sine wave inverter (500W at peak load);
  • 5 ways to charge;
  • Max. 80W solar input;
  • 10 devices for simultaneous work;
  • wireless charging;
  • LED light for emergency

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288Wh capacity

300W AC output

80W solar charging

Lightweight & Portable

288Wh | 300W

Authentic functionality! Ideal for getting started with portable power supplies

I want a portable power supply for camping, car sleeping, or backup power, but I don't want to buy a bulky, expensive model. The ALLPOWERS S300 portable power supply is perfect for such people! It covers all the features needed for a portable power supply and is sure to come in handy for day trips, picnics and other small trips.

Compact performance

288 Wh & 300 W AC output

Despite its compact design, the S300 Power Station offers an impressive capacity of 288 watt hours and 300 watts of AC output power to reliably power notebooks, small household appliances and other devices.

Ideal for on the go

Ultra-portable and lightweight design

Thanks to its low weight and portability, the S300 Power Station is the ideal companion for all adventures and power supply while traveling, so you can always rely on a reliable power source.

Sustainable solar energy

Charging via Anderson plug

The integrated Anderson socket enables environmentally friendly solar charging of the S300 Power Station with compatible solar modules to ensure a self-sufficient power supply.
Compatible solar panels with (16.6~22V)⎓5A can be charged.

Flexible charging options

For on the go and at home

AC input

Fast charging with the included AC adapter, achieves 60W input power for a full charge.

USB-C input

USB-C PD 60W charging
*USB-C charger not included

Solar input

Harness the sun's energy by connecting the S300 to a solar panel (16.6~22V)⎓5A via an Anderson, up to 80W input power.

Car input

Charge on the go with the Anderson car charging cable, suitable for 12V / 24V car cigarette lighter.

Dual input AC/USB-C+Solar

Maximize charging efficiency by combining AC adapter input and solar power for faster charging times.

Maximum security

Comprehensive protection through BMS

The BMS system offers reliable protection against overheating, deep discharge and other hazards, ensuring that you can use the S300 Power Station safely over the long term.

Compatible with many devices

From drones to game consoles

Thanks to the wide range of outputs - including AC, USB-C, USB-A - the S300 Power Station can be used to power almost all common devices, from laptops to drones and game consoles.


S300 Powerstation mit Solarpanel


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parameter specification
Product model S300 / AP-SS-005
Battery capacity 288Wh 78000mAh
Battery type Lithium Lion Batteries
AC output 300W/230V, peak 500W
USB-C output PD100W
USB-A output 5V⎓3A
Wireless charger 5V⎓1A
AC inputs DC5521 60W Max.
Solar charging Anderson-(16.6-22V)⎓5A 80W Max.
USB-C input PD60W Max.
AC + USB-C input AC/Car/Solar + USB-C 140W Max.
Car charger 12-20V 5A, 80W Max.
Dimensions 206*165*110mm
8.1*6.5*4.3 inch
Weight 3.4 kg / 7.6 pounds

¹ Produkt-Spezifikations-Ausschluss:
Die Parameter können je nach Version variieren. ALLPOWERS behält sich das Recht zur endgültigen Interpretation vor. Beachten Sie die Anleitung, die in Ihrem Produkt enthalten ist, für genaue, versionsspezifische Informationen. Die im Handbuch aufgeführten Parameter sind die maßgebliche Referenz für Ihr Gerät.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The running time can be calculated as follows:

Runtime = Battery capacity x Depth of discharge x Inverter efficiency ÷ Rated power of the device.
For example, if the S700 is used to power an 80W CPAP machine, the runtime is approximately 606Wh x 86% x 80% ÷ 80W ≈ 5.2 hours.

Or calculate here how long power plants with different capacities can supply your system.

DC Output Runtime = Battery Capacity x Depth of Discharge ÷ Device Power Rating.For example, if the s1500 is used to power a 65W laptop, the runtime is 606Wh x 86% ÷ 65W ≈ 7.9 times.

The above data is for reference ONLY. Please note that the formula is NOT applicable for inductive loads with compressors such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

The S700 can supply power to devices with a total load of up to 700W. (Overvoltage 1400W)

The S700 has an Anderson connector for solar input. You can use a solar panel with (12.7~24V)⎓5A for charging. The S700 accepts a maximum of 100W solar input. Recommended panels are ALLPOWERS SP027 - 100W, SP012 - 100W.

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