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  • 【Made for Solar Generator】: ALLPOWERS Foldable Solar Panel 100W is compatible with most solar generators / portable power stations on the market. In combination, this results in the perfect power supply for on the go. ALLPOWERS Foldable Solar Panel includes connectors of different sizes (Anderson Adapter / MC-4 5.5x2.5mm Cable / DC 5.5x2.1mm Cable for ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station).
  • 【High Performance Charging】: The battery is made in the USA with an efficiency of up to 22%. 1/3 lighter than the same power of solar panel. Compared to solar modules of the same size, the total output has increased by 30%.
  • 【Foldable & Portable】: Folded size only 65x51x3cm, 3.58kg easy to take with you. ALLPOWERS solar module is ideal for the garden, balcony, camping, boat and mountain hut, caravan battery, on-board battery, camping refrigerator.
  • 【Waterproof & Durable】: ALLPOWERS Foldable Solar Panel Made of durable and waterproof nylon with adjustable bracket to get the most effective sunlight. The solar panel is FCC, RoHS, CE certified. Short circuit and surge protection technology protect you and your devices.
  • 【Package & Customer Service】: :1* Foldable solar panel 100W; 1*MC-4 to 5.5x2.5mm cable; 1*MC-4 to Anderson Cable; 1*8mm DC Adapter; 1*3.5x1.35mm adapter; 1*DC 5.5x2.1mm adapter; 1*Instruction Manual

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80%+ performance

80%+ performance

Ideal for motorhomes, balconies, camping and energy needs on the go.

Slim 0.11 Thickness

Slim 0.11 Thickness

Reliable power supply for various electronic devices.

Bendable up to 250°

Bendable up to 250°

Instant power support with minimal interruption.

IP68 Waterproof.

IP68 Waterproof.

Durable, efficient and long-lasting energy solution.


Adapts sustainable energy to your lifestyle

Our bendable solar panels provide free, renewable energy customized to your needs. Bend them around cars, boats, and tight spaces. Mount them on roofs, RVs, campers, tents, and balconies. The sturdy construction stands up to the elements.

With flexible solar panels from 100W to 400W to choose from, enjoy solar-powered charging that adapts to anywhere. Lightweight, simple and extremely efficient, experience the freedom to shape energy from the sun.


Universal solar connection for any solar-capable device

With a standardized universal solar connector, our flexible solar modules can be easily connected to any device suitable for solar energy.

Easily connect to portable power stations , RV batteries , cabins , boats and more to harness sunlight.

The universal solar connector enables broad compatibility with different brands and models. Any device with solar charging function can now benefit from our efficient flexible modules.


Scalable flexible charging power supply to suit your taste

Choose between 100W, 200W and 400W flexible modules to build your ideal solar energy system. The ultra-portable 100W module delivers renewable energy in our lightest form factor. Upgrade to 200W for more daily charging power. Get the most out of the powerful 400W module.

Solar everywhere - on land, on water and in the air

Charge in your RV , boat , cabin or tent with flexible modules. Attach to RVs for on-the-go use. Attach to railings or surfaces for balcony solar charging. Keep boat and yacht batteries always charged. Set up anywhere outdoors while camping or at a BBQ. Use during power outages...

Thanks to their bendable shape, flexible modules enable sustainable charging in virtually any situation or location - providing you with energy from the sun, no matter where you are.


Connect in series or parallel

Link flexible modules together to create your ideal solar system.

Connect them in series to increase voltage and power for larger devices. Arrange them in parallel to produce more current for faster collective charging.

With splitters, it's easy to combine modules for expanded capacity. Build solar arrays for RVs, campers, boats, and more.
Configure your flexible solar system in series or parallel to perfectly meet your needs.


Robust panel defies the elements

ALLPOWERS flexible modules are built for the conditions of the sun. With IP68 waterproofing and durable polymer fabric, they thrive in adverse environments.

Take them boating, camping and beyond without damage from water, dust or impact. Let sun, rain and adventure rain down on them - the panels won't give up. Designed for a lifetime of reliability, our flexible solar panels have the endurance to power your devices in the wild.


Install anywhere in seconds

With six reinforced mounting holes, our flexible panels can be easily attached anywhere - no tools required. Use the included straps to attach them to railings, vehicles, tents and more in seconds.

The built-in eyelets distribute the force evenly to prevent tearing. Whether on a mobile home, balcony or on the ground, the hassle-free installation allows you to quickly position the panels where the sun's rays are strongest.

With minimal time investment, you can begin using the sun's free energy.


Performance in an ultra-thin design

At just 0.11 inches , our flexible solar panels are extremely slim without sacrificing performance. This ultra-thin design allows them to bend and conform to almost any surface or application. Mount them flush to RVs, boats, and tight spaces to soak up the sun's rays with minimal clearance.


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parameter Specification
Model AP-SF-100/ AP-SF-200/ AP-SF-400
Maximum output (ppm) 100W/ 200W/ 400W
Cell material Monocrystalline solar cells
Connector universal solar connection
Maximum Conversion Rate (EFF) ≤22-25%
Open circuit voltage (pre) 30.6V/ 38.4V/ 74.46V
Short-circuit current (Ise) 4.58A/ 6.87A/ 6.85A
Maximum output voltage (Vm) 25.5V/ 32V/ 63.1V
Maximum output current (Vm) 4.17A/ 6.25A/ 6.34A
Maximum system voltage (Vm) 120V/ 120V/ 1000V
Waterproof IP68
Height*Width*Thickness SF100: 39.68*22.83*0.11 inch
SF200: 54.13*30.7*0.11 inch
SF400: 69.37*45.75*0.11 inch
Weight SF100: 2.4kg / 5.29lbs
SF200: 4.1kg / 9.03lbs
SF400: 7.85kg / 17.3lbs
Compressive strength When installed flat, it can withstand pressure of up to 50 kg
Distortion angle It is possible to bend into a "U" shape

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have SF100 - 100W, SF200 - 200W and SF400 - 400W flexible solar panels for you to choose from. The maximum power is 100W, 200W, 400W. Under ideal sunlight conditions, they can achieve over 80% overpower, which can achieve maximum capture of over 80/160/320 watts of solar energy, providing enough energy for different applications.

ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels are highly flexible and can bend up to 240 degrees. They can conform to curved surfaces such as RV or boat roofs, making installation easier.

The modules have 7*25mm hanging holes around the perimeter (SF100/SF200 with 6 hanging holes, SF400 with 8 hanging holes) that can be used for mounting. They can also be mounted directly on the roof of a motorhome.

Yes, ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels are weatherproof and have an IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring durability and performance even in demanding outdoor environments.

Yes, ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels are compact and easy to install, making them suitable for residential use as well. They provide a flexible and efficient solar solution for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills.

ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels come with a standard 2-year warranty, ensuring the safety and reliability of the product.

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