ALLPOWERS S1500 Portable Power Station | 1500W 1092Wh

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  • 1092Wh, 295200mAh capacity;
  • 1500W (3000W surge) pure sine wave inverter;
  • Fast charging in 2-3 hours;
  • 300W Max MPPT. solar radiation;
  • 300W AC input + PD 100W USB-C input;
  • 11 outputs for multiple devices;
  • 6 ways to charge (AC/USB-C/AC+USB-C/Solar/Auto/Solar+USB-C);
  • Phone remote control with ALLPOWERS APP

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1092Wh capacity

1500W AC output

300W solar charging

11 versatile outlets

1092Wh | 1500W

Portable for a variety of activities in life

With a generous capacity of 1092Wh and an impressive output of 1500W, the Allpowers S1500 Portable Power Station is the perfect solution for demanding energy needs on the go. Discover unmatched performance now!

1092Wh capacity for long-lasting use

Energy for the extra mile

With an ultra-high capacity of 1092Wh, the S700 portable power station delivers long-lasting power to keep your devices charged and your electronics running. This powerful lithium-ion battery stores enough energy to charge laptops, smartphones, lights and more multiple times. Run your CPAP machine, mini fridge or other essential devices all night or weekend without being connected to the grid. The S700 is designed as a portable power center to handle any power outage with its long-lasting on-board electricals.


Rechargeable anywhere under the sun

The S1500 Solar Power Station's Anderson jack allows charging from solar panels from 12 to 65V at up to 300W, making off-grid renewable energy possible wherever your adventures take you.

Fast charging anywhere, anytime

Multiple charging methods

AC input

Fast charging with the included AC adapter, achieves 300W input power for a full charge.

USB-C input

USB-C PD 100W charging
*USB-C charger not included

Solar input

Harness the sun's energy by connecting the S1500 to a 12~65V solar panel via an Anderson, up to 300W input power.

Car input

Charge on the go with the car charging cable to XT60, suitable for 12V / 24V car cigarette lighter.

Dual input AC/USB-C+Solar

Maximize charging efficiency by combining AC adapter input and solar power for faster charging times.

Meet 99% of device requirements


Experience the convenience of charging multiple devices simultaneously and ensure uninterrupted productivity and entertainment on your adventures. Enjoy the ultimate power solution that keeps you connected, powered and ready for anything.


S1500 solar generator kit

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parameter specification
Product model S1500/ AP-SS-008
Battery capacity 1092Wh 295200mAh
Battery type Lithium Lion Batteries
AC output 1500W/230V, peak 3000W
USB-C output PD100W
USB-A output 5V⎓2.4A
AC inputs DC5521 300W Max.
Solar charging Anderson (12~65V) 300W Max.
USB-C input PD100W Max.
AC + USB-C input 400W Max.
Car charger 12V/24V 300W Max.
Dimensions 320*220*190mm
12.6*8.7*7.5 inch
Weight 10 kg / 22.05 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The running time can be calculated as follows:

Runtime = Battery capacity x Depth of discharge x Inverter efficiency ÷ Rated power of the device.
For example, if the S1500 is used to power a 120W portable cooler, the runtime is approximately 1092Wh x 86% x 80% ÷ 120W ≈ 6.2 hours.

Or calculate here how long power plants with different capacities can supply your system.

DC Output Runtime = Battery Capacity x Depth of Discharge ÷ Device Power Rating.
For example, if the s1500 is used to power a 65W laptop, the runtime is 1092Wh x 86% ÷ 65W ≈ 14.4

times.The above data is for reference ONLY. Please note that the formula is NOT applicable for inductive loads with compressors such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. is suitable.

The S1500 can supply power to devices with a total load of up to 1500W. (Overvoltage 3000W)

The S1500 has an Anderson connector for solar input. You can use a 12~65V solar panel for charging. The s1500 accepts a maximum of 300W solar input. Recommended panels are ALLPOWERS SP029 - 140W, SP027 - 100W, SP012 - 100W.

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Der Powerpack funktioniert wie beschrieben

Thomas Bläser
ALLPOWERS S1500 Tragbares Powerstation

Sehr gute Performance. Danke

Albert Kempke
Allpowers s1500

Alles super gelaufen danke

Michael Winkler
Problemloset Umtausch

Erstes Gerät war defekt. Nach kurzer Email an Allpowers Problemloser Umtausch (Daumen hoch). Ersatz läuft perfekt und macht was er soll.

Klaus Liermann
Leichter Strom

Das Gerät überzeugt mich durch seine Handlichkeit. Es ist leicht zu transportieren und hat genügend Power um elektrische Geräte zu betreiben.