ALLPOWERS Solar Generator Kit 2500W (R2500 + SP033 200W Solar Panel)

SKU: AP-SS-010-PRO-EU + AP-SP-033
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Bundles R2500 + SP033 solar panel
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  • 2016Wh capacity power station with 200W solar panel
  • Up to 4 series connections
  • Long-lasting LiFeP04 battery with more than 3,500 cycles
  • Maximum 1000W solar charge Full charge in 2 hours
  • 2500W Pure Sine Wave AC Power (4000W Peak)
  • 13 versatile sockets for 99% of devices
  • 15 ms connection to the power grid for 24/7 UPS

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2016Wh capacity

2500W AC output

15ms UPS

LiFePO4 battery

2016Wh | 2500W

Massive backup power for outages or off-grid usage

Keep the lights on when the power grid goes out with the power of the R2500 Home Backup Power Station. With a massive capacity of 2016Wh and 2500W AC output power, it provides sufficient backup power for essential household appliances and electronics for hours. Keep your fridge, freezer, lighting, internet router and more safely powered for longer periods of time. Be prepared for power outages and emergencies with reliable whole-home backup power from the R2500.

Seamless emergency power supply with switching under 15ms

Reliable home UPS for instant protection

The R2500 acts as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your home, switching to backup power in less than 15ms when the mains fails. This almost instantaneous switch prevents interruptions to your appliances and electronics. Keep your household running smoothly, even during power outages, with our integrated battery backup and UPS power solution.

Universal compatibility with multiple ports

Simultaneous power supply for all your devices

With an impressive 2016Wh capacity and multiple AC/DC outlets, our R2500 Power Station easily powers refrigerators, freezers, lights, TVs, routers and more - all simultaneously with up to 2500W of power. Keep your essential home appliances and devices powered for hours during power outages. The R2500 has versatile outlets and enough capacity to keep your household running normally when you need it most.

Simply plug in and switch on

AC + DC outputs

The R2500 features 4 AC outlets, 2 USB-C ports, 4 USB-A ports, 2 DC ports and a car outlet - 13 versatile charging options to power up to 13 devices simultaneously. With 99% compatibility, it charges laptops, phones, medical devices, home appliances and much more. Our smart power station has all the connections you need for seamless home backup power.

Fast recharging from multiple sources

Fully charged in just 0.8 hours

AC input

Fast charging with the included AC adapter, achieves 1500W input power for a full charge in 1.3 hours.

Solar input

Harness the energy of the sun by connecting the R2500 to a solar panel (12~150V)⎓13A via an XT60, up to 1000W input power.

Dual input (AC+Solar)

Maximize charging efficiency by combining AC adapter input and solar power for faster charging times.


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R2500 Power Station

Experience unparalleled performance

A versatile power solution that offers high capacity for reliable home backup power and portable convenience for RVs, effortlessly and efficiently meeting the power needs of a variety of occasions.


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parameter specification
Product model R2500 / AP-SS-010-PRO
Battery capacity 2016Wh 48V 42Ah
Battery type Li-FiPO4
UPS ≤15ms
AC output 2500W/230V, peak 4000W
USB-C output 5/9/15V⎓3A, 20V⎓5A, 200W Max.
USB-A output 2x 5V⎓2.4A, 12W Max.
2x 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓1.5A, 36W Max.
Car/DC5525 12V⎓10A, 120W Max.
AC inputs 1500W Max.
Solar charging XT60 - (12~150V)⎓13A, 1000W Max.
AC + Solar Input 2500W Max.
Car charger 12V/24V
Dimensions 456*360*346mm
17.95*14.17*13.62 inches
Weight 29 kg / 63.93 lbs

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